EF Bandung @ Jalan Cipaganti No. 53

Address: Jl. Cipaganti 53, Bandung 40161, West Java
Phone: (022) 2031100
Email: Contact us online

Established on July 17, 1996, EF Bandung @ Jl. Cipaganti was the first EF to open in Bandung. The school is located in a very strategic area, approximately 200 meters after passing through Jl. Layang Pasupati, and close to Ciwalk shopping center and numerous factory outlets.

In addition to 10 comfortable classrooms with cutting-edge teaching facilities, the Cipaganti location is also equipped with a computer iLAB, a canteen and a waiting room complete with tabloid newspapers, reading books and foosball. In addition, Life Club events are held on a regular basis by involving the students in fun activities.

News for Cipaganti

EF Bandung at Jl. Cipaganti

EF Grand Open House 2012 "Sweet Seventeen"

EF English First Bandung is celebrating its 17th Birthday, so we have many offers for you.

New Students will get a discount of up to Rp.500.000 and also a special EF Valentine Chocolate =)

For existing students, this is your chance to invite your friends to join and increase your RaF (Recommend a Friend) points for the chance to get an iPad. Sooo.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GUYS? COME AND GET IT..

EF English First Bandung


In the absence of a Spelling Bee Competition this year, EF Bandung held a YLE (Young Learners English) competition. The competition consisted of three rounds. In the first two rounds participants were given two minutes to identify up to 15 objects from a picture and correctly spell them. The top 5 participants were then picked for the final, which was held on the main stage. In the final round, the finalists were given up to three clues in order to identify a secret word.

To qualify for this competition, all participants took one of the Cambridge YLE tests (Starters, Movers or Flyers).

What are the benefits of taking Cambridge YLE test?
The tests help to prepare children for higher level tests, increase their confidence and because the tests are internationally recognised, the qualifications can add value when applying for competitive private/international schools.Winner YLE Competition 2011Winner YLE Competition 2011

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who participated. We hope to see you all again soon.


Summer Fun "EF Country Fiesta"
July 4 - 8, 2011
for children

Learn about other CULTURES
Take part in the ACTIVITIES and GAMES
Meet a lot of NEW FRIENDS
Improve your ENGLISH
An unforgettable EXPERIENCE
Win PRIZES & be a STAR

Only for EF Students : Bring a Non EF Friend, Get Rp 25.000,- discount
Bring 10 of your Non EF Friends, Get 1 FREE Ticket !!

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