EF Bandung @ Jalan Banda No. 21

Address: Jl. Banda No. 21, Bandung 40115, West Java
Phone: (022) 4260866
Email: Contact us online

EF Bandung @ Jl. Banda is located in the center of Bandung, near Gedung Sate. The location is very strategic because it is surrounded by a variety of factory outlets and renowned schools in Bandung, such as Yahya, Taruna Bakti, St. Aloysius, SMAN 3 and SMAN 5.

The Banda location has 13 classrooms, a computer iLAB, a lounge for students to wait, a snack bar, and a garden. In addition, Life Club events are held on a regular basis by involving the students in fun activities.

News for Banda

EF Bandung at Jl. Banda

Choose Your Own Adventure

Hello, my name is Billy, and I'm a teacher at EF Banda.

Recently, my B2-3 class worked to create an online game called "Looking for Love in Bandung". It's a simple game, and it's a work in progress, so please understand if it's not perfect.

To play from the beginning, click HERE.

In addition, my C1-2 class also created a game, entitled "Seeking Romance in Bandung Flower City".

To play from the beginning, click HERE.

We hope you have as much playing these games as we did creating them! Enjoy! Read more »

EF Grand Open House 2012 "Sweet Seventeen"

EF English First Bandung is celebrating its 17th Birthday, so we have many offers for you.

New Students will get a discount of up to Rp.500.000 and also a special EF Valentine Chocolate =)

For existing students, this is your chance to invite your friends to join and increase your RaF (Recommend a Friend) points for the chance to get an iPad. Sooo.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GUYS? COME AND GET IT..

EF English First Bandung

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